Copy of Spotify?!

This week I’ve been postponing to write an article but finally the time has come. Today I would like to talk about progress in SmartSound project.

At the beginning it was necessary to establish basic functionalities that MVP (Minimal Value Product) will contain. I believe that not thinking about implementation details in the very beginning is very important because it may upset our vision.

All things considered I’ve decided that Home screen core functionalities will allow to switch view to:

  • recently added songs
  • recently played songs
  • songs queue
  • favourite songs

Playlist screen is second screen that MVP will contain. I’ve decided to follow Spotify’s design of playlist for a simple reason. I think that it’s well designed and it would be difficult to come up with something better. Second reason is that I don’t cooperate with any designer.


So here is how it looks in Spotify app, when I’m finished with my version I will put it on my blog.



When it comes to things that are already implemented, just like I wrote in my first post, I focused on base structure of the project. I follow the MVP architectural pattern (Model-View-Presenter) so Activities are only hosts for embedded in them fragments which represent Views. The Model is represented by SongsRepository which retrieves songs from device’s memory.

About smart part of the player – support for taking care of your hearing (tracking statistics of music playing) I’m in phase of thinking how exactly it should work.

To be continued.


3 thoughts on “Copy of Spotify?!

    1. Imagine my confusion when I went to a speech entitled “MVP …” during some conference to learn architectural patterns and the whole speech was, surprisingly, about the Minimal Value Product:D

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