My plan for the next 10 weeks. Get Noticed!

Hi! I’m glad that you’ve decided to visit my blog. It’s my initial commit here so I hope you will stay with me for a while. Let’s get started!


Rules of the contest

Since March the 1st I’m taking part in the Get Noticed! contest (or Daj Się Poznać). The point of this competition is to post at least 2 entries per week for 10 weeks. One of them should be strictly about the programming project that I will be developing. More about the project in just a moment. Another entry has no restrictions but it should be about some IT stuff. I’m not really sure what the prizes are but I believe that blogging has so many advantages in itself that it’s worthy to face the challenge.

About my project

Some time ago I came up with an idea of creating music player for Android platform. I called it Smart Sound – Music Player. You’ll find out why in a while. Finally, opportunity knocked at my door. First and foremost I would like to list some basic assumptions and features that I want to deliver:

  • music playback using android services on separate process than relevant app
  • custom view for currently playing music (for example rotating vinyl)
  • few types of playlists and queueing next songs to play
  • support for taking care of your hearing (tracking statistics of music playing)

My plan for the next 10 weeks

I would like to emphasise that it’s only a guideline, it may change somehow and some topics may be fuzzy between each other or even skipped.

  • week 1: creation of base structure using Model-View-Presenter pattern
  • week 2: music playback, communication between two separate processes
  • week 3: custom view for currently playing music
  • week 4-5: learning and implementing unit tests in Smart Sound
  • week 6: playlists and queueing next songs to play
  • week 7: learning and implementing Dagger in Smart Sound
  • week 8-9: tracking statistics of music playing
  • week 10: setup of crashlytics and leakcanary, bug fixing, deployment and publication in Google Play

Wish me perseverance in achieving my goal!


Feel free to contact me in Polish or English:



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